Jenn (duckling_smith) wrote in nc_modified,

I'm new

Name: Jenn
Age: 22 until next month
Location;Hendersonville, NC

I don't really have anything major done.

I just got my nose done.

Ignore the Josh part, it's not a tattoo, that's a hilighter

My only tattoo. I know everyone has them, but my papaw had one, so I wanted to be like him.

I also have my navel pierced, but so does everyone.The only interesting thing about that is it was done with a 16, but no one I know has a 16 in their belly button, they are all 14's. And then there are the standard 1 in each ear. I had a 2nd set done, but they got really bad infected, so I ttok them out. When I got them done, the piercing gun got stuck in one of my ears, so it screwed them up. The lady said it was becuase the person that did the first set did them crooked. I was offened because my grandfather did them at his house.
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