April 18th, 2007

say cheese

Tattooed and pierced people for a new magazine!

The up and coming tattoo magazine I am working for, Sinister Tattoo is looking for tattooed and pierced girls who would be interested in becoming a magazine rep in the area. You would model for the magazine, attend events, and be a representitive for the magazine when your out and about. This is a paid position by the magazine! You must meet a few requirements to be a sinister girl.

You must:

Be 18 yrs of age or older
Be able to supply your own transportation
Be able to attend events in the area on the behalf of Sinister Tattoo
Be motivated
Have tattoos or piercings (duh! This is a given)
Be reliable

All interested girls please contact me with your name, location, contact info, and why you would be a good Sinister Girl. I will forward all applicants I feel are qualified to the editor for the final pick. We are looking for two girls at this time. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Anything I cant answer I will find out for you from the editor. So if your interested please contact me asap!

I am also looking for tattooed and pierced people in the area who would be interested in posing for the magazine. If in doubt of what I am looking for then check out any tattoo magazine. I want people with serious work, not just a small butterfly on your ankle or mall piercings. Anyone interested can respond here or you can contact me on my myspace: http://myspace.com/demondollsphotography