July 20th, 2005

say cheese

Got needles?

Ok, i am looking to find out if anyone on here knows of someone preferably close to the greensboro area knows how to do insert needles for needle play. i have been requested to do art for the band CYN (formerly Cynder) for their new album they are recording and they want some crazy stuff. I need someone who has experience inserting the needles in people and maybe can supply them too for the shoot. I will be supplying the models. I will post a picture of what i am talking about.

I am also currently looking for a special fx makeup artist in the nc area. If you know of anyone, and i dont mean someone who bought some crap at the halloween store i mean hollywood style realistic stuff, then PLEASE let me know! If you know someone in the VA or SC area as well that could work. Thanks everyone! Here are the samples images of what i am talking about. You can contact me on here if you know of anyone. Thanks!

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